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Top Team Alignment and Leadership

A mid-size consumer products manufacturer had great growth plans. Their legacy culture of control and hierarchy was creating limitations in associates' willingness to learn and change. I worked with their Chief HR Officer and the newly formed top leadership team to

  • Develop, agree on core values

  • Assess the current & needed culture

  • Assess the top team's individual and collective leadership

  • Craft plans and make commitments for developing the culture in alignment with business plans

  • Engage all company leaders in the vision and plans

  • Transition next steps to the newly formed internal Talent and Organizational Development team

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Unifying Leadership During Change


A function critical to this major company's growth was struggling to deliver on aggressive expectations, with staff reductions and major shifts in strategy and culture beyond their control.  I coached and advised the VP around leading in this rapidly shifting environment, and he was able to provide focus, steady direction, and a sense of purpose to his team, even as more waves of change came through.

Together, we facilitated a session with the top 20 leaders of the function that helped them to see the opportunities the changes gave them, describe and accept the "new normal" ways of operating, and find ways to re-engage their teams. 

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Making the Case for an Upgrade


A Chief HR Officer relatively new to his company wanted to convey his vision and business case for leveling-up the leadership culture in this 20,000-employee division of a $17B company.  I worked with him to identify the unintended impacts of the current state of leadership, conceptualize what "better" might look like, and research the latest thinking on leadership and business.  I crafted a compelling and educational 90-minute presentation and dialogue aimed at the top three layers of the organization, and designed to fit his values and speaking style.  

The CHRO shared this presentation with a majority of company leaders over the course of several months, creating shared awareness on the need to evolve, and positioning him as a visionary thought leader. The foundation was laid for leadership development. 

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Updating Thinking, Leadership, and Processes To Realize Potential

The US division of this $20B company foresaw big gaps in their leadership pipeline for dozens of business-critical roles.  I partnered with internal talent management staff and senior leaders to examine and tackle the problem.  With senior leadership sponsors, we engaged a team of high potentials to study the contributing factors and craft solutions.  Together, we 

  • Uncovered unproductive talent practices and decision factors and out-of-date-cultural norms that were root causes

  • Educated the senior leaders via ground-breaking authentic dialogue across levels

  • Developed a core group of high-potential future leaders - now passionate, informed talent advocates, and well known to execs 2-3 levels up

  • Updated talent assessment and development thinking, processes and tools.  Designed and facilitated training for the top 200 leaders, 25 HR business partners, and beyond.

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