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I partner with executives who are creating change and/or leading through changes they did not create.  Our work together may include...

  • Coaching and advice on leading change

  • Articulating your change purpose and vision, including crafting compelling presentations and dialogue templates to help you engage and influence others


  • Engaging and aligning your leadership team to own the change and the process.  Or - to understand, accept and own "the new normal" and make choices about how you will lead given what's changed

  • Developing a high engagement change strategy - how you will go beyond "buy-in" so that others are truly empowered to make good choices aligned with the change

  • Designing and facilitating collaborative planning sessions that focus, energize and align small or large groups of associates

  • Developing a more agile organization over time

Our work may be on an individual, team or organizational level....


  • Team or Organizational Assessment. Internal research using surveys, interviews, and/or review of existing data to gather insights about the current and needed state of leadership and culture in your team or organization.

  • Leadership Team Development and Alignment sessions for core and extended leadership teams, custom-designed for your needs and business situation. Often includes facilitated dialogue to reach agreement on a common purpose, direction, values, desired culture, and the leadership agenda it will take to fulfill these.

Many paths lead to great HR organizations.  We start where you are, and look at what the business needs.


  • Coach and Advise HR Executivesa specialized version of leadership coaching - focused on achieving strategic and lasting HR impact through expanded ways of thinking and leading aligned with business direction

  • Clarify the organization's most critical people needscraft a direction that inspires and focuses the HR team

  • Align HR leaders and staff across HR specialties around a clear shared direction for how you add value; and shared agreement on goals, outcomes, roles, expectations, and/or core services

  • Update and integrate talent management and leadership development practices.  Help you influence and educate leaders and level up the practice of leadership and the development of potential. Build the practices, systems and dialogues that ensure accountability for leading and learning at each level of the leadership pipeline.  Make development a part of day-to-day culture.

  • Develop HR leaders and business partners as change agents and influencers, enabling them to improve leadership and organization effectiveness in their day to day work. Empower them to claim the role of advisor and expert, and reduce habitual activities that may unintentionally reinforce ineffective leadership or an unhealthy culture.

Offered in partnership with Orbert Davis' Chicago Jazz Philharmonic. Experiential, kinesthetic learning via immersion in the process of making music that integrates jazz and classical (and often even more genres).  Merging qualities such as collaboration, empowered accountability, improvisation, and authentic expression with more composed, technically excellent, hierarchical elements. Experiencing the music and dialogue wth musicians unleashes co-creation among leaders participating. We help you choose focus areas that fit current issues in your business...

  • Experience collaborative culture and leadership

  • Leading from purpose and vision

  • Change and resilience

  • Consistency with innovation 

  • Inclusion and inner diversity 

  • Discipline and freedom

  • Innovation and collaboration across disciplines

  • Deep accountability and risk taking

  • Merging - evolving cultures or sub cultures


Leading Change In Your Current Situation


Transformational feedback and development


Develop a strategically aligned HR organization


Leadership Lessons from World Class Musicians

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